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Today, urinary screening is one of the most frequently performed analyses in your laboratory and requires you to:

  • Accurately detect and enumerate the bacteria and particles
    present in urine specimens,
  • Rapidly confirm whether a patient could have a urinary tract
    infection (UTI), or orientate towards renal pathologies.

UF-1000i provides those urine analysis results you need fast while freeing you up for other important tasks.

Smart Technology

UF-1000i is a fully automated, urinary screening system which bases its objective analysis on both physical and chemical particle properties. It uses:

  • Advanced flow cytometry technology with hydrodynamic focusing
  • Specific fluorescent dyes for bacteria and sediment
  • 3 high-definition, reproducible measurement signals: size, structure and fluorescence


  • Simply Load & Go
  • Minimum hands-on time - Maximum workflow efficiency
  • Results in approximately 1 minute
  • Continuous loading function for immediate processing of samples or series testing with up to 50 positions
  • Bi-directional connection to LIS









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