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VIB-MON make Vibration Data Logging and FFT Analyser Model VIBA-09

Vibration check-ups of rotating machinery helps predictive maintainance team to keep track of machine health. Stored VIBRATION data records convey the history of particular machin vibrations. FFT Analysis pinpoints the cause of vibration and helps to recover the machinery condition.

This is a PC based multichannel system with advanced VIBRATION Signal Analysis features like FFT spectrum, Bode Plots, Water Fall diagram etc., Displays online on computer monitor and data can be stored in files as per customer’s requirement.

Specifications :

  • ADC resolution 24 bit
  • Data Collection, data storage and data display on computer monitor with FFT Analysis graphs and Numeric indicators.
  • Vibration Amplitude can be measured as Acceleration(g), Velocity(m m/sec), Displacement(microns) in rms, Peak and Peak-Peak., Accuracy +/- 5%
  • Connectivity to computer through Ethernet/USB Ports
  • Piexoelectric Vibration Sensors - Accelerometers, Sensitivity 100 mv/g, Shielded cable with connectors, Magnetic base and extension rod.
  • Multichannel Daq system for data acquisition.
  • Unlimited data storage capacity as system is PC based.

Features :

  • Vibration testing is more interactive, nonexpert in software/Vibration can also use this system Easily.
  • Drastic reduction in test, Analysis and reporting time.
  • Devolopment of your own customized application.
  • Records of every Vibration test with details such as machine name, day & date, time can be Stored in computer.

Model - VIBME - 01

Preventive Maintenance :
The instrument is very useful for plant engineers for carrying out periodic checks on Vibration levels on machinery. By predicting machinery troubles it safeguards against machinery breakdown, reduce unscheduled downtime and loss of production minimises maintenance cost.

In-coming Inspection and Installation Checks :
Eg. Turbines, large draft Fans, large Pumps, Diesel Generating sets, M - G sets.

Sales and Services :
Ideal for demonstrating Vibration free operation and smoothness of a product eg. Pumps, Gear boxes.

Final Assembly Testing and Quality Control :
Eg. For electric motors, Fans, Centrifuges, Machine Tools.

To evaluate the effect of Vibration due to machinery in surrounding areas and spot Vibration free areas.

Specifications :

Amplitude Meter :
Indicates Vibration amplitude in displacement or velocity in eight overlapping ranges. LCD Display arrangement also available.

Amplitude Ranges :
0 to 1, 3, 10, 100, 300, 1000, 3000 microns peak to peak Displacement & mm/sec Velocity. Minute displacement s low as 0.03 microns can be measured.

Power requirement :
Internal Batteries. Two 9 Volt Dry Cells number 216 Eveready.

Scope Output :
To observe nature of Vibration on an oscilloscope.

Dimensions :
180mm x 100mm x 75 mm

Weight :
Instrument with Batteries - 950 gms Vibration Pickup - 600 gms approx.

Standard Accessories :
1 - Velocity type Vibration pickup Straight probe.
1 - 5 ft pickup cable with connectors

Vibration Analyser / Portable Balancer : Model - VIBA - 01

  • Instrument in Aluminium case Portable & with Ics design.

Applications :

  • Measures Displacement, Velocity, Frequency & relative phase angle of Vibration/unbalance
  • In-situ Balancing of rotors of Fans, Blowers, Grinding Wheels, Turbine, Rolls, Centrifuges etc
  • Low cost preventive maintenance programme through Vibration Analysis.

Amplitude Meter :
Indicates Vibration amplitude in displacement or velocity in Eight overlapping ranges to provide positive readout.

Amplitude Ranges :
1, 3, 10, 30 100, 300, 1000, 3000 microns peak to peak & mms/sec. Peck. Minute displacement as low as 0.2 microns can be measured.

Frequency Meter :
Provides a direct reading of Vibration freuency from 100 to 100,000 CPM in 3 ranges.

Tunable Filter Range :
100 to 1000; 1000 to 10000; 10000 to 100000 CPM

Stroboscopic light :
Flash rate ( Single Flash per cycle firing to 15,000 CPM) is determined by the Vibration frequency or an internal oscillator in the instrument. The stroboscopic light indicates the phaso/location of unbalance by “Freezing” the rotating part optically and visually pinpoints the trouble.

Internal Test Signal :
Checks Instrument circuits

Vibration Pickup :
Vibration pickup of velocity type can be handheld with or without straight probe or attached to the machine.

Scope Output :
To observe nature of Vibration on an oscilloscope.

Power Requirement :
220 Volts A. C. 50 Hz. Or with optional rechargable built-in Gel Type sealed battery.

Weight :
Complete with above accessories 8.5 kgs. approx.

Accessories :
1 - Velocity type Vibration pickup with Straight probe.
1 - 4 Mts. pickup cable
1 - Strobosopic light
1 - 4 Mts. Strobosopic light cable.
1 - 4 Mts Power cable.

Optional Accessories :
Magnetic Mounting base for the pickup & Magnetic shield for the pickup.

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