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With AIR IDEAL® 3P, bioMérieux provides a new standard in air sampling. Indeed, AIR IDEAL® 3P is the


first air sampler giving full transparency on its collection efficiency.

Furthermore, the biological efficiency validated by a third party laboratory, in compliance with the ISO 14698-1 standard, highlighted the superior performance of this new instrument compared to the main commercially-available air samplers.


  • User friendly software, easy to use in order to reduce the training effort and the risk of error.
  • Reproducible air flow rate, calibrated by a scientifically sound metrological method.
  • Sequential sampling, for "in process" monitoring.
  • Light weight, with only 1.2 kg
  • Easy to handle, with its ambidextrous design and ergonomic handle.


AIR IDEAL 3P - ref. 96302
Equipped with 90 mm diameter sampling grids

AIR IDEAL 3P - ref. 96303
Equipped with 65/70 mm diameter sampling grids


90 mm diameter additional sampling grids
ref. 96309

65/70 mm diameter additional sampling grids
ref. 96304

Aluminium tripod with ball joint and adapter
ref. 96308

Bi-Box, 10 double-wrapped irradiated cases for Count-Tact plates
ref. 96301

Bi-Box 90, 10 double-wrapped irradiated cases for 90 mm Petri plates
ref. 96301

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