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Ergonomic and efficient MIC testing


Biotools™ is a family of instruments designed to simplify the daily use of Etest®. Simple C76™, Nema C88™ and Retro C80™ are easy to use, reducing operator fatigue, saving time and improving the quality of results. Etest, together with Biotools, comprises one of the most efficient methods for generating on-scale MIC values across 15 dilutions for a wide range of antimicrobial agents for both fastidious and non-fastidious organisms.

Simplex C76™ - Automatic Etest strip application
Simplex C76 is the key instrument in the Biotools family developed to simplify the use of Etest for MIC determinations. The instrument can be used to automatically apply Etest strips onto inoculated agar plates (90 and 150 mm) in predetermined patterns. Many plates can be rapidly set up with flexible MIC antibiograms efficiently and easily. The instrument is useful for daily clinical work and for surveillances involving high numbers of strains.

Nema C88™ - Simplifying Etest strip application
Nema C88 is a vacuum pen that can be efficiently used to apply Etest strips onto inoculated agar plates. Using templates placed underneath the plate, different MIC antibiograms can be quickly and accurately positioned onto the agar.

Retro C80™ - Optimising inoculation
Retro C80 can be efficiently used to inoculate agar plates (90 and 150 mm) to obtain an even lawn of growth. It simplifies the set up for both Etest and disc diffusion testing. This ergonomic tool has a turntable that can rotate at varying speeds so that the inoculation process can be comfortably adjusted to user preference.

Simplex C76™ is a pending trademark and the instrument and the foam cartridge carrying Etest are patented products of AB BIODISK.
Biotools™, Retro C80TM and Nema C88™ are pending trademarks of AB BIODISK.

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