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katkars provides the equipment, reagents and software for microbial genotyping of bacteria and fungi. Packaged together, these components are referred to as the DiversiLab System.


The DiversiLab System for DNA fingerprinting and analysis is a powerful tool for tracking the spread and source of microbial infection, contamination, or epidemics natural and man-made. Based on patented rep-PCR technology, microbial isolates can quickly and accurately be distinguished at the subspecies and strain level.

The DiversiLab System employs the following simple steps to generate unique, reproducible fingerprints for each of your microbial samples.

  • DNA Extraction:
    Extract DNA from isolated cultures.
  • rep-PCR Amplification:
    Amplify samples using rep-PCR and the appropriate DiversiLab DNA Fingerprinting Kits.
  • Detection:
    Separate fragments via electrophoresis performed in a microfluidics DNA LabChip.
  • Data Analysis:
    Analyze data in real time with reports accessible via an individual secured website.

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