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Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) continue to be a major cause of morbidity, mortality and excess healthcare cost.


Hospitals, critical care facilities, surgical centers, long-term care institutions, ambulatory care - whatever the healthcare setting - HAI is now recognized worldwide as a major public health issue.

The implementation of infection control programs, including dedicated committees, patient screening, reinforced hygiene measures, nursing protocols and antibiotic stewardship, has already been shown to be effective in reducing the number of healthcare-associated infections.

Nevertheless, current facts and figures reflect the essence of the challenge ahead: despite all the efforts made, HAI will remain a permanent threat and a major concern for all healthcare providers.

katkars - Your Logical Partner in the Fight against HAI

Microbiology lies at the heart of our commitment to the fight against infectious diseases, and is a core competence at katkars.

Our major innovations in microbiology have enabled us to develop an expertise that is recognized worldwide. We put this expertise into action for more rapid, reliable diagnosis as well as better adapted and earlier treatments.

For more than 4 decades, katkars has been listening to and working closely with microbiology laboratories in order to develop the most adapted solutions to respond to healthcare concerns.

Fighting side by side with healthcare professionals against HAI, katkars is dedicated to delivering relevant microbiology solutions to empower clinical decisions.

katkars Unique Offer in Microbiology

katkars covers the complete spectrum of diagnostic technologies:

  • bacterial culture,
  • immunoassays,
  • molecular-based technologies,
  • instruments and software development

Our solutions for prevention, intervention and surveillance respond to the needs of healthcare professionals.

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