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Nucleic Acid (NA) amplification testing has become increasingly important in the routine clinical laboratory environment. Many of these laboratories have developed "home-brew" NA amplification assays to meet that need. However, these "home-brew" assays are very laborious, technically demanding and limited in their use as routine assays. Development and subsequent quality assurance of new tests is also time-consuming and expensive.

NucliSENS EasyQ Basic Kit
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The NucliSENS EasyQ Basic Kit does not contain primers and probes; these must be obtained by the customer themselves, bioMérieux points out that the use of its NucliSENS EasyQ Basic Kit with specific primers and/or probes may require a license under one or more patent(s) held by third parties. It is the users responsability to obtain such licence(s), bioMérieux does not support or encourage unlicensed or unauthorized use of its NucliSENS EasyQ Basic Kit and disclaims any liability resulting from such use.



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