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The NucliSENS EasyQ System is the first automated system to combine NASBA amplification and real-time detection using molecular beacon probes. The system is designed to offer fast, sensitive and convenient testing. Through its testing flexibility it is perfectly studied for small, as well as high volume laboratories.



  • NASBA technology enables high amplification factor
  • Molecular beacons provides fast and specific detection of amplification products as they accumulate in real-time
  • Closed tubes minimize the risk of amplicon contamination
  • Each test is internally controlled or even calibrated


  • Commercial assays available
  • Home-brew assays can be developed through NucliSENS EasyQ Basic Kit and website support
  • Isothermal NASBA allows amplification runs consisting of multiple targets (Commercial assays and home-brew)


  • Real-time NASBA extremely efficient as shown by run times as low as 60 min. (e.g. HIV)
  • No post amplification steps
  • Results for 48 real-time amplification tests provided in 1.5 to 3 hours (depending on the assay)


  • Minimum hands-on time
  • Intuitive and straightforward software ensuring uncomplicated daily use
  • Fits into every laboratory (analyzerís small footprint 42 x 42 cm)




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