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A Real Work of Art: Color Clean - Color Safe

PREVI Color Gram does the tedious work for you while you perform more important tasks.


Standardized & Economical

PREVI™ Color Gram is an automated gram stainer system for all types of specimens which provides rapid, standardized results. Not only does this small footprint system help save on lab technician time but it economically uses just enough reagent for the task at hand.

Easy-to-Use & Rapid

  • Simply Load & Go.
  • Set the volume of Crystal Violet and Iodine and chose one of the 9 decolorizer cycle settings depending on the thickness of your specimen.
  • Slides dry and ready for the microscope in just 3-5 minutes.

Accurate Results

  • Standardized coloration - innovative spray nozzles always dispense the same reagent volume.
  • No cross contamination - each slide separated and fresh staining reagent used each time.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Less waste: use of only the appropriate spray volumefor specific specimen types.
  • User safety: practical, integrated reagent waste containeravoids user contact when disposing of waste; ready-to-use, closed reagent containers.

2 in 1 Function

Insert the optional PREVI™ Rotor and the PREVI™ Color Gram becomes a cytocentrifuge for 8 slides. This Rotor is:

  • Safe and reliable – airtight carousel which can beloaded/unloaded under a laminar flow hood.
  • Flexible – single or double sample chambersplus pad type can be chosen depending on sample type.
  • Easy to program.

 PREVI™ Color Gram is a CE-IVD marked product.

Full Microbiology Lab Automation™
Delivering the Future

With over 45 years experience in the field of microbiology, bioMérieux has unique know-how and expertise in detection, identification, and antimicrobial resistance testing. As always as your partner in microbiology, we make a point of listening to, and exchanging on, your daily issues and challenges to ensure our innovations are in line with your needs. With this knowledge and as world leader in microbiology, our vision is to provide full automation solutions throughout your lab.

We are committed to Delivering you the Microbiology Lab of the Future.

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