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With over 40 years of experience in the field of immunoassays, bioMérieux is committed to putting the patients’ needs first by providing quality, high medical value diagnostic products. We know that rapidity of diagnosis and accuracy of treatment impact clinical outcome. This is why bioMérieux proposes the QUICKVUE™ range of rapid tests to ensure you have fast, cost-effective clinical diagnostic solutions for point-of-care testing.

  • Having confidence in your diagnosis is essential if you are to rapidly ensure appropriate patient treatment, efficient isolation triage and relevant surveillance measures.
  • QUICKVUE™ is a range of high quality, rapid tests designed to provide ever so simple, point-of-care solutions when rapidity and accuracy are crucial to clinical outcome.
  • QUICKVUE™ TESTS have the proven* quality and reactivity you need in infectious diseases and reproductive health.

* Clinical and economical proof available on request.











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