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With STAT testing,

A diagnostic aid is just not enough. You need to be sure of your result and decision.


VIDAS D-Dimer Exclusion provides you with that reliable, timely result and safely rules out VTE.

VIDAS D-Dimer Exclusion, the most referenced test for the exclusion of VTE, gives you:

  • A proven ELISA technique
  • Years of renown experience
  • Expert validation in extensive prospective management clinical studies
  • FDA clearance and CE mark approval for exclusion of DVT and PE

VIDAS D-Dimer Exclusion is the first test indicated for use in conjunction with a clinical pretest probability (PTP) assessment model to exclude safely deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) in out-patients with suspected Venous Thromboembolism (VTE).

VIDAS D-Dimer Exclusion is the only test recommended to rule out PE in patients with a low or medium clinical probability.
(Bounameaux H. and Perrier A. The Hematology Journal, 2003; 4: 97-103)

With over 50 studies, including management trials, VIDAS D-Dimer Exclusion is considered by many experts as the reference test. Test performance is a key issue because “for every 2% decrease in sensitivity, 1 per 1000 patients studied will die of recurrent PE as a result of inappropriately withholding anticoagulant therapy”.
(Kruip M. et al Arch. Intern. Med., 2002; 162 : 1631-35)

For Laboratories:

  • Feel confident in providing clinicians with a reliable D-Dimer result
  • Easy-to-use system adapted for routine and emergency testing
  • High analytical performance provided by an ELISA technique

For Clinicians:

  • A safe and clinically validated exclusion diagnostis strategy
  • Over 30% of out patients with suspected VTE can be safely ruled out
  • Reduced need for invasive examination
  • Adapted for emergency use
  • Cost effective


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