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EBV Serology and Clinical Interest

Serology is used to confirm EBV infection and involves interpreting the profile of the most relevant immunological responses : viral capside antigens (VCA) IgG and IgM, and Epstein-Barr Nuclear Antigens (EBNA) IgG.


Early Antigen (EA) IgG appear at early stage of EBV infection in 80% of the patients but are not currently used for the routine dignosis of Infectious Mononucleosis (IM).

The interpretation of the serological profile obtained with these markers is as follows :

VIDAS® EBV – Why 4 markers in 3 tests?

Early Antigen (EA) combined with VCA P18  included in VIDAS VCA/EA IgG  is an aid to improving the global positive response of the kit used to confirm primary stage EBV infection as EA IgG are present in 80% of infectious mononucleosis cases.

VIDAS® EBV - 3 Tests for a Confident Diagnosis

  • Our 3 tests have been designed to provide the most relevant EBV antibody responses when used in combination for staging EBV infection.
  • 3 bioMérieux peptide patents (EA P54, VCA P18, EBNA P72)
Ref. 30237 - 30 tests
Ref. 30236 - 30 tests
Ref. 30235 - 30 tests



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