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Acute Hepatitis : VIDAS HBs Ag Ultra for the highest level of performance


Sensitivity(*): 100%
All clinically diagnosed HBV positive patients (over 500) tested in a study(*) with VIDAS HBs Ag Ultra were found positive.
In addition, in 14 out of 32 seroconversion panels tested, 1 or 2 consecutive blood samples were detected earlier with VIDAS HBs Ag Ultra compared with the alternative assay (e.g. figure below)

Specificity(*): 100%
In a population of 5059 blood donors samples, confirmed to be HBs Ag negative, none of those samples were found repeatedly reactive with VIDAS HBs Ag Ultra(*).

Chronic Hepatitis: VIDAS HBs Ag Ultra for an extensive antigen detection

The use of new monoclonal antibodies (**,***) enhanced HBs antigens detection.

Expert's conclusion

Expert’s conclusion (*): “VIDAS HBs Ag Ultra combines a high sensitivity and specificity and represents therefore an improvement in the quality of HBV diagnosis…”.

(*) "Evaluation of a new automated assay for the detection of HBs antigen on the VIDAS analyser." Weber et al. ECCMID poster 2003.
(**) "Localization of Hepatitis B surface antigen epitopes present on variants and specifically recognised by anti-hapatitis B surface antigen monoclonal antibodies". Jolivet-Reynaud et al. JMV 65:241-249(2001).
(***) "Improved sensitivity of the VIDAS HBs Ag Ultra assay for HBs Ag mutants and wild type HBs Ag". Lesénéchal et al. ECCMID poster 2001.

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