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What are the main HIV diagnostic challenges?

  • Early detection of seroconversions
  • Detection of all types and subtypes
  • Maintaining high level specificity

Why the need for early screening?

  • Earlier detection with Ultra-Sensitivity avoids missing primary infections (1,2)
  • Detection of primary infection is POSSIBLE
    Individuals are more likely to present themselves for testing during seroconversion illness than at any other time (3)
  • Detection of primary infection is VITAL
    HIV is most easily transmitted to others during the period of acute HIV infection, when the viral load is especially high

Ultra-Sensitivity to:

  • Provide appropriate care as fast as possible
  • Take precautionary measures to help prevent
    the spread of the virus (1)
  • Reduce HIV Transmission :
    • to an HIV-uninfected partner
    • to an unborn child
    • through blood donations
    • through direct blood contact


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