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Doubly Simple, Doubly Reliable


VIKIA Rota-Adeno is a rapid, qualitative, chromatographic immunoassay which simultaneously detects rotaviruses and adenoviruses in stool specimens.

Rotaviruses and adenoviruses are responsible for the majority of pediatric diarrhea cases.
Rapid diagnosis of viral diarrhea enables:

  • Immediate administration of appropriate therapy
    (most often rehydration without antibiotics);
  • Rapid isolation of infected patients or carriers
    in order to limit outbreaks;
  • Significant decrease of cases of diarrhea of
    unknown origin.

High performance

  • Very low viral detection limit (lower than
    ELISA or latex tests) enabling:
    • Diagnosis of diarrhea with low viral loads;
    • Use of a minute stool sample : no need for
      stool suspension sedimentation >> earlier result.
  • High Sensitivity:
    Rotavirus : 100 % [96.3 - 100]
    (103 positive stool specimens)
    Adenovirus : 97.6 % [87.4 - 99.6]
    (42 positive stool specimens)
  • High Specificity: 100 % [98.6 - 100]
    (290 negative stool specimens)

For performance details, please refer to the VIKIA Rota-Adeno package insert.

Extreme ease-of-use

  • A single stool extract for the simultaneous detection of rotaviruses and adenoviruses
    >> target rotavirus, get adenovirus as a bonus.
  • Just 3 steps to perform directly on stool specimens for faster results (12 minutes)

50 mg (size equivalent to 1/4 of a pea) or 50 µl of stood diluted in the vial and homogenized.

2 drops dispensed into the cassette sample well.

Reading: after 10 minutes.
Blue line = rotavirus
Red line = adenovirus
Blue and red lines = rotavirus and adenovirus
No control line = test invalid.

  • Ready-to-use and complete kit including everything required for the procedure (vials with sticks, disposable specimen droppers)
    >> more economical test.

Safe procedure

Compared to some other methods, very limited contact with stool specimen.

VIKIA Rota-Adeno
Ref. 31111 - Kit of 20 tests
Each kit contains 20 test devices, 20 fecal specimen dilution vials, 20 disposable specimen droppers.
Storage at room temperature.

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