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Making Strepto A testing easy

VIKIA® Strepto A - Rapid test for the detection of Streptococcus A antigen in throat specimens


Ergonomic format

  • The VIKIA® test device has been specifically designed to be handled in complete safety.
  • VIKIA® can easily be placed on a table enabling the result to be shared with the patient.
  • Storage at room temperature (between 2 and 30°C) until the expiration date indicated on the kit
  • Easy and Reliable

    • No specific training required.
    • Visual controls for key stages:
      • Colour change after adding 2nd reagent.
      • C control line indicates correct test functioning.
    • 97% accuracy in relation to culture (study carried out in 3 centres on 492 patients).

    VIKIA® Strepto A can help target the prescription of antibiotics to Streptococcus A bacterial throat infections.
    The test therefore contributes to the fight against bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

    Availability: contact your local bioMérieux representative.
    Detailed protocol: see the product package insert.

    * For professional in vitro diagnostic use only


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