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Microelisa test for the detection of p24 core HIV-1 antigen in serum, plasma or culture supernatant


The clinical spectrum of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection shows considerable variation: the virus can be present in a latent form or can cause clinical effects such as neuropathological conditions, AIDS-related complex of AIDS. The virus is mostly transmitted through sexual contact, vertically from mother to child or through blood or blood products.


Many countries are now systematically testing blood, plasma and organ donors, while screening programmes for defined populations are being implemented. As shown in the graph an antibody screening test cannot detect every infected case at an early stage of infection. Antigen can be detected in serum before antibody develops. It has also been reported that antigen persists or becomes positive again before a seropositive individual becomes ill.

Vironostika HIV-1 Antigen
192 tests

Vironostika HIV-1 Antigen Neutralization System
35 tests




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