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Putting the Patient First

Antimicrobial resistance is on the rise: MRSA, ESBL, KPC, AmpC…
Accurate susceptibility test results are more important than ever for the determination of appropriate therapy. Or, more significantly, detection of resistance, and its ultimate impact on avoidance of inappropriate therapy, leads to improved therapeutic success and patient outcome.

With the VITEK® 2 Advanced Expert System™ (AES), you, as a microbiologist, can provide more relevant information to help the clinician select the most appropriate treatment fast. Using MIC values, AES analyzes the antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of each organism and determines the resistance mechanisms expressed to predict best therapeutic outcome.

Quality Susceptibility Test Results

AES provides rapid, automatic and systematic validation of every susceptibility test result while decreasing the chance for human error. The MIC of each antibiotic is examined to determine potential resistance mechanisms expressed by each patient isolate, for each antibiotic family. Coloured confidence indicators enable you to rapidly review results based on consistency with previously defined wild or resistant phenotypes.

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